Stained glass and leaded panels is my life

It started out as a hobby many years ago by taking a class in stained glass by a very incompetent teacher but because I was really determined I ended up as one of the top professional stained glass artists in South Africa .I am also doing warm glass now .

Sometimes I am called an artisan , but both artist and artisan are correct because the artist is the one with the vision and the artisan the one with the technical skills to make the artist's dreams happen .

We have relocated to Calitzdorp and currently busy with the renovation and alterations to our new Karoo house dating from the 1900's . Hopefully by 2010 midyear my studio should be habitable . Currently our bedroom and office is a caravan parked on the stoep . It is like a holiday because we are camping , although after nearly a year it is getting a bit cramped because we tend to keep on adding things around us .

I do travel a lot across South Africa to do new installations , repairs to lovely stained glass windows and restoration of very old painted stained glass in churches and museums .

But we always return here to the lovely Klein Karoo after a few weeks of hard work , leaving behind a preserved piece of heritage to be enjoyed for the next hundred years .

granddaughter of the most professional stained glass and leaded panel artist in South Africa

I do a market or show every so often but because of the damage caused by all the packing and unpacking it is not a favourite passtime . I do invite people to come around and have a look at some gift examples in the studio but it is not an open studio . To view , please contact me for an appointment .

Of course there is a new attraction to pull us back here and she is called Raven-Skye . She is my first grandchild and so sweet . There you have it , I am hooked . There is also a second granddaughter now by name of Amber-Storm . Cute little thing!

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