Stained Glass and Leadlights designed and restored by a professional artist in South Africa

There never was a better time to get your own piece of lifetime artwork designed and built specially for you by a professional. The longer you wait the more expensive the materials will become and the least affordable a carefully designed heirloom will be.

The possibilities are limitless , hampered only by your own imagination . Remember that stained glass is not damaged by the elements and the lead is good for at least 50 years when exposed to the weather . This is very good news because now you can buy art and hang it outside in the garden . Tried that recently with your oil painting or wood sculpture ?

Unlike other weatherproof art materials , glass is alive , translucent and quite different . It can be look soft in the morning , harsh and very bright in the midday sun and brilliant with the setting sun behind it

Glass is exotic and romantic as well . Why do you think they serve cocktails in exotic places in glass instead of paper cups ? Ever been on a romantic evening sipping wine from a styrofoam cup ? Glass is everything we all want to be - natural , longlasting , in demand and sharp.

Glass is one of the natural elements that we can use over and over again without polluting the environment when it is thrown away .

Glass - and of course including stained glass- can be recycled and re-used hundreds of times and each time it can become more useful and beautiful . All through this recycling and new applications it is still glass . That is wonderful .

Please use this website to enrich yourself and built your knowledge . I tried my best to make it a very nice experience for all . If you disagree , please let me know and also suggest changes as well

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